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Smoking Facts and Statistics

Let’s face it, quitting smoking in practice is not as easy as it sounds. Sure is easy to verbally say the words and preach someone about it but it is infact a challenge to quit cigarettes altogether, especially if one is a chain smoker, due to the highly addictive nature of nicotine in cigarettes. It is a fact that only 5% of smokers actually have the will and resolve to stop.

While smoking is a momentary stress buster for sure, its continuous use invites in more problems than ever which emerge in the form of some of the deadliest ailments and diseases, making your life seem no less than a hell. Thus, it becomes all the more important to come out of the trap and kick the addiction out of your life forever through therapies, rehab support and medication.

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Facts About Cigarette Toxins

Cigarette contains so many harmful chemicals that even a casual gander will leave one concerned. Let us breakdown what a cigarette cmoker is dealing with when he is smoking a cigarette.

The Toxin Bag
Cigarettes are toxin bags containing over 4,000 “assorted” chemicals with many of them being highly toxic. For example, 60 of them are potent enough to trigger cancers in the body!

Nicotine Facts
You must already be aware that the infamous “nicotine” forms an integral part of your tobacco smoke. But have you ever considered the fact that nicotine has effects similar to ‘cocaine’ and is almost as addictive? Nicotine inhaled with smoke triggers certain patterns in your brain that elevate the heart rate and cause surges in dopamine and nor-adrenaline hormones.

While the elevated hormonal activity of nicotine may allow better concentration in some individuals temporarily, the effect of the cigarette wears off quick and the rapid dip in hormones often leave you with with an irritable and anxious mood. That’s when you pick another cigarette and this goes on to form the basis of addiction!  When a chain smoker withdraws from smoking for several hours he could experience symptoms of withdrawal as with any bad habit or addiction,  Within 24 hours symptoms like depression, irritation, sleeplessness, frustration, dizziness, increased appetite and restlessness crop up and that is why medical help with smoking cessation drugs like Champix can be crucial in quitting smoking.

If you are a victim of high blood pressure (hypertension), cigarettes worsen the condition. It accelerates hypertension that trigger headaches, vomiting, and blurred vision. Nicotine is not the only dangerous toxic substance in cigarettes, there are plenty of other contributing agents, some of which we will discuss in this article.

Carbon monoxide Facts
The carbon monoxide inhaled, sticks to the bloodstream hemoglobin and obstructs the circulation of oxygen in the body. This becomes even more of a concern when the smoker is a pregnant woman. It inflicts the baby in the womb with what the doctors call “foetal hypoxia,” a condition triggered by the severe oxygen deficiency in the foetus.

Tar Facts
Every breath of cigarette smoke leaves behind deposition of toxic tar in the lungs, that are loaded with carcinogenic chemicals known to induce cancer.

Polonium Facts
Scientists have already declared Polonium to be one of the most radioactive substances known and this too, and that my friends finds a cozy home in your cigarette. Even millionth of a gram of this radioactive element can damage your cells and cause mortal danger.

Benzene Facts
Benzene used to be a part of petrol, but owing to the health concerns associated with it, the practice of mixing it with fuel was stopped since long. However, the cigarette manufacturers still don’t shy away from sheltering it. Exposure to benzene alters your genetics at the cellular level and triggers kidney cancer and leukemia.

Oxidant Gases Facts
Oxidant gases in the cigarettes react with the oxygen in your bloodstream that may trigger clotting of the blood, thus increasing the risk of stroke or heart attack.

Other Harmful Substances
The other toxic elements in tobacco smoke cause several other problems like acidity, peptic ulcers, artery thickening, heart diseases etc.